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Nopea jäähdytysvirtaus H2 vahaton inerttikaasumetallikammiouuni räätälöity

Nopea jäähdytysvirtaus H2 vahaton inerttikaasumetallikammiouuni räätälöity

This furnace is suitable for
Products require semi-checking or processing before final sintering.
Bigger products or extruded parts with large amount of binder, which requires longer dewaxing time.
Conjunction application with HIP furnace, to make the full use of HIP furnace’s capacity.

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● Dewaxing in flowing H2 (Apply special method to ensure atmosphere uniformity).
● Pre-sintering in H2 or inert gas.
● Fast cooling is available.
● Automatic control with user-friendly communication interface.


● The furnace adopts horizontal structure, with round heat-resistant stainless steel inner tank, square outer shell lining with alumina fiber insulation layer, and Ni-Cr resistance wire hanging on the outside side of the metal tank.

● The furnace opens at the front door. The thermocouple is inserted into the furnace’ inner tank from the back end, and the wax discharge pipe is drawn from the bottom.
Equipped with an external air cooler to speed up cooling.

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